Solving challenges with innovative ORAN solutions.

Bluewaves Mobility Innovation is an emerging player in the Open RAN radio market, providing high performance, light weight, energy efficient products to the Telecom industry.



Broad Open RAN radio portfolio which covers various bands in 4G, 5G, and beyond that can be customized to meet specific CSP requirements.



Intelligent Open RAN radio software solution to enable white-label radio design, end to end network automation with superior system security.



BMI has developed considerable experience over multiple ORAN projects: IOT, ATP, Trials, Commercial Deployment and customization.


The Benefits

Our products are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Security first

Developed and manufactured in Canada with national security in mind.

World Class R&D

Deep investments in R&D to build and innovate in ORAN ecosystem


Focus on Innovation, Customer Satisfaction and delivering Exceptional Value.

Best-in-class Designs

Advanced designs to offer Open RAN community radio products with top RF performance and low power

Broad Product Portfolio

Product portfolio designed to accommodate rapid customization, easy integration, security and Industry standards

Field Proven

Our radios have a proven track record in the largest commercial Open RAN deployment in Japan


We design and manufacture a full portfolio of LTE and NR sub 6Ghz RAN solutions ranging from Massive MIMO to small cell radios on our TDD and FDD platforms based on ORAN standards..

Low Power, High Performance

Our lightweight radios are designed with the latest GaN power amplifier technology to ensure that power consumption is kept to a minimum - helping to reduce the impact on the environment and the total cost of operation.

Our platforms enable network operators to..

  • Design custom frequency radios in a matter of months - not years
  • Add the feature sets their end-consumers demand
  • Make cost-effective purchasing decisions - selecting the best equipment from selected suppliers
  • Enjoy the flexibility and supply chain security offered by Open RAN solutions
  • Help customers easily integrate new products into their network setup through our implementation services


We offer services and solutions to address the challenges of complexity, integration, and compatibility, enabling wireless service providers to save costs, accelerate time to market, and benefit from a wide industry ecosystem for their Open RAN adoption needs.


Our expert technicians offer efficient, end-to-end Open RAN installation services for seamless network setup.


Our experts optimize Open RAN configuration for optimal performance and compatibility.

Site Commissioning

Our commissioning services optimize Open RAN performance and reliability with thorough testing, verifications and fine-tuning.

Systems Integration

We excel in seamless integration of Open RAN network elements, ensuring smooth compatibility and efficient communication with your existing network ecosystem.

Interoperability Testing

Our thorough interoperability testing validates seamless communication and compatibility of Open RAN network elements.

Lab Test and Field Trials

Our professional services cover Open RAN lab and trials design, setup, testing, troubleshooting, and optimization to meet your standards.


Our deployment services handle the entire process, ensuring successful implementation of your Open RAN network elements.

Network Performance Optimization & Operation

Our experienced engineers optimize Open RAN performance and provide daily operational support.

Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting services offer comprehensive Open RAN guidance and expertise for network growth.

Meet the management team

Tim Mao
Tim Mao


Mike Holl
Mike Holl

VP Operations

Dr Winter Wei
Dr. Winter Wei

VP Software Solutions

Darron Enright
Darron Enright

Director of Business Development

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